​​Marriage and Couples Therapy

Relationship problems can cause endless arguing, depression, anxiety, or even talk of divorce.  As a seasoned psychotherapist, I welcome the opportunity to help you address the challenging of your relationship. 

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is based on the research evidence of the Gottman Institute.  I have completed Level I Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.  

For more information on Dr. John Gottman and the Gottman Institute:  

The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy is based on Dr. John Gottman's research that began in the 1970's and continues to this day.  The research has focused on what makes relationships succeed or fail.  From this research, Drs. John and Julie Gottman have created a method of therapy that emphasizes a "nuts-and-bolts" approach to improving clients' relationships.

This method is designed to help teach specific tools to deepen friendship and intimacy in your relationship.  To help you productively manage conflicts, you will be given methods to manage "resolvable problems" and dialogue about "gridlocked" issues.  We will also work together to help you appreciate your relationship's strengths and to gently navigate through its vulnerabilities.  

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