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Can’t Sleep?
Cognitive behavioral therapy instead of sleeping pills.

Insomnia is a common problem characterized by trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or getting restful sleep, despite the opportunity for adequate sleep.  Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, often called CBT-I, is an effective insomnia treatment for chronic sleep problems.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is a structured program that helps you identify and replace thoughts and behaviors that cause or worsen sleep problems with habits that promote sound sleep.  Unlike sleeping pills, CBT-I helps you overcome the underlying causes of your sleep problems.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is a proven treatment of choice if you have long-term sleep problems.  Unlike pills, CBT-I addresses the underlying causes of insomnia rather than just relieving symptoms.  But it takes time — and effort — to make it work.

I have training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia from the Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania.